Aiditi Singh – All that is left behind (Works)

Selected Works

Aiditi Singh

All that is left behind
January 7 - February 13, 2016

Aiditi Singh – All that is left behind Press Release

Aditi Singh’s densely worked, often large scale drawings are generated – over extended periods of time – through the meeting and clashing of mediums: paper, ink, graphite, and charcoal.

It is the transcendental quality of Yoga and art I am drawn to; of quietly, rhythmically, getting rid of all that is extraneous, of reaching a place of resonance, where there isn’t a distinction between the inside or outside of an experience.

What interests me is the interplay between letting an image hover and allowing it to settle into a geography. The tenacity of a mark depends on the velocity of touch. There is a synergy, a tension, in watching ink and charcoal slide against each other building tone, texture, and rhythm; gathering nuances of connection or dissolution, each lending an emotional hue.

Singh (b.1976) lives and works in Mumbai, India. Her works have been shown internationally in solo and group exhibitions, including DECK, Singapore; Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai, India; SOMA Drawing Center, Seoul, Korea; National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan; Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney, Australia; and Arthur Ross Gallery, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

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