Nikhil Chopra, Mansi Bhatt, Sadanand – Chatterjee & Lal at Thomas Erben, New York (Works)

Selected Works

Nikhil Chopra, Mansi Bhatt, Sadanand

Chatterjee & Lal at Thomas Erben, New York
June 27 – July 10, 2008

Nikhil Chopra, Mansi Bhatt, Sadanand – Chatterjee & Lal at Thomas Erben, New York Press Release

Chaterjee & Lal Gallery, Mumbai, is pleased to announced the opening of their show at Thomas Erben Gallery, New York.

Chaterjee & Lal will be occupying the Thomas Erben Gallery for two weeks in June and July and during that time will be presenting some of the most engaging work to have some out of the Indian subcontinent over the last couple of years.

Artists showing:

Nikhil Chopra: Performance based artist Nikhil Chopra is today recognized as one of the most important voices in contemporary Indian art. his practice, which involves inhabiting characters that evolve over a number of performances, enable the artist to draw audiences into a conversation which is as much about the overt narrative of the piece as it is a way of dealing with multiple art histories. The multi-layered nature of the performances lead into photographic and video based work released subsequent to the performances themselves. In the present show there will be both photographs and video work installed at the gallery in addition to which Nikhil will be performing on Sunday 29th June. Having studied in Baroda, India as well as the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, Nikhil returns to New York (a city he has previously lived in) on the back of a December performance in Mumbai hailed by many as the most interesting art project in the city for many years.

Mansi Bhatt: The work of Mansi Bhatt functions within the mode of performative photography. The subjective matter of much of her work deals with the fast evolving character of media coverage within emerging economies such as India. The media used by Mansi to deliver her critique adheres closely to the forms in which images are relayed to viewers by way of advertising in magazines, newspapers and on billboards. After residencies both in New York and in Pittsburgh (the Mattress Factory), this will be the first time that Mansi will be showing at a commercial gallery in America.

Sadanand: Sadanand is an emerging star of the contemporary Indian art scene. By employing vinyl stickers, much like those used on buses and taxi in the Indian  subcontinent, the artist creates collages that reference multiple sources, including architectural renderings and modernist painting. Using a color palette that wholly draws from the world around his in suburban Mumbai, Sadanand is able to transcend art historical specificities and occupy a unique position amongst his peers actives in the subcontinent presently.

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