From Net Art to Post-Internet (Works)

Selected Works

Shawné Michalain Holloway, JODI, Rosa Menkman, Lorna Mills, Jon Rafman

From Net Art to Post-Internet
June 2022 - July 2022

From Net Art to Post-Internet Press Release

This group show explores the history of recent digital media art, from its origins in the Net Art of the ‘90s to the later developments of Glitch, Post-Internet Art, and current experiments in narrative media.For these artists, the proliferation of the Internet and related technologies has reproduced the multiplicity of life anew: both within the digital realm and without. What was originally a global computer network developed to anticipate and control nuclear threats during the Cold War–the Internet–has since become a bedrock of social life. As citizens of the Internet, we have consciously attempted to transform the whole of society not only by translating our multifarious social relations into digital formats, but also by bringing the energy of the so-called “digital revolution” into all spheres of social life (AFK, “Away From Keyboard”). For these artists, technology, like art, may be seen as a prosthesis, an extension of our humanity, a domain through which we can become self-conscious of what we are doing practically and how our imagination gives form to the world. They are as concerned with the structural techniques used to produce new forms of aesthetic experience–file formats, image processing, websites, software interfaces, social media, video games etc.–as they are with how the proliferation of digital technologies into even the most ostensibly natural aspects of social life has transformed our imagination of it.

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