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Thomas Pihl

June 14 - July 27, 2001

Thomas Pihl – Paintings Press Release

We are very pleased to present the first New York solo exhibition with Thomas Pihl, a New York based Norwegian painter. On view will be a medium sized seemingly monochromatic paintings which the artist poured in multiple translucent layers of acrylic medium. Irregularities, either intended or resulting from the process, emerge upon close observation and a particular mood is established by a complex use of color. Drawn from a palette omnipresent in Western civilization, Pihl “neutralizes” his colors adding either white or black and acrylic medium in large quantities. They are further acerbated through layering and the use of complimentary hues.

In a recent statement, Pihl commented:

“The inspiration for my work is observing how every surface in New York has been culturally and aesthetically manipulated or controlled. The intention is not to copy the various membranes and surfaces, but rather to work with the same abstract aesthetic qualities of perfection, comfort and absence of pain which we often define as beautiful or desirable in our Western society. In my work the quality of the beautiful and seductive manifest, but I do not erase imperfections and flows from the process. On the contrary, I wish to allow the experience and perception of these wounds and irregularities, as well as an intended visual tension to surface and grow with time.

I hope to stimulate the eye to produce an active and connected way of seeing; a way of seeing which ranges from perceiving the obvious to that which is extremely subtle and barely visible.¬† It is a seeing which captures ‘reality’ and records and discerns information, but also mirrors other senses: seeing as feeling, seeing as listening, seeing as sensation. Ultimately, it encompasses the ability to see with one’s eyes open and closed.”

Thomas Pihl is nominated for The Carnegie Arts Award 2001, a high profile Scandinavian contemporary art prize. He is the recipient of several fellowships from the Norwegian government as well as a Fulbright Fellowship in 1997. Solo shows include: Bergen Kunstverein, Bergen, Norway, 1999 and DC Arts Center, Washington, D.C., 1998 (curated by Sara Tanguy). His work was exhibited at the Biennale SYD, Sorlandets Art Museum, Kristiansand, Norway, 2000.

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