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Sticky Posts

The “sticky” post is used as the post on the home page and the main post on the Exhibitions page. If there is more than one post designated as sticky, the most recent post will be used. The following screenshots are a walkthrough on how to make posts sticky/unsticky.

Go to Exhibitions >> All Exhibitions and select “Sticky” to see the current post set as sticky.

You will now see the “Sticky” post on its own. Select the post to go to the post edit page.

On the post edit page, the checkbox to make the post sticky (or unstick the post) is under the “Publish” heading in the righthand nav. The checkbox may be hidden, if the Publish box is closed (a down arrow is showing). In that case, click on the arrow to open the box.

To unstick the post, uncheck the checkbox under “Visibility” that says “Stick this post to the front page”.

Click on the “Update” button to make the change live.

You can also make a post sticky/unsticky by clicking on the post’s “Quick Edit” link.

In the “Quick Edit” window, check/uncheck the checkbox next to “Make this post sticky”.

Click on the “Update” button to make the change live.

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