Asians Smasians and Other Racial Slurs (Works)

Selected Works

Mike Cloud and Nyeema Morgan

Asians Smasians and Other Racial Slurs
Apr 02 — May 02, 2019

Asians Smasians and Other Racial Slurs Press Release

Marlborough Contemporary, New York, NY

Asians Smaisians and Other Abstract Racial Slurs is an exhibition of works by conceptual artist Nyeema Morgan and painter Mike Cloud. Their Viewing Room exhibition introduces Cloud’s series of loosely abstracted portraits integrated into a support of large-scale collages made of paper grocery bags, Artforum advertisements, cash, and other print ephemera. Cloud incorporates media text evoking the dissemination and simultaneous flattening of narratives about murder and victimhood. These new paintings ruminate on image production, empathy, storytelling, and tragedy. They are paired with Morgan’s multi-part sculptural installation of large monoprints titled “horror horror.” Morgan’s work complicates its photographic subject matter with allusions to the tragicomic pratfalls of Warner Brother’s cartoons, the “primitivism” of the early Modernists, and fairy tales and childhood fables.

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